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Convert a word document project into a  – “Digital Business Magazine”.


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My clients asked if it was possible to convert a basic word document report into a beautiful layout styled similar to a Business Magazine, it would need to appeal to the eye, as well as engage the reader. For this project I was given complete creative control in the layout and style of the magazine and I personally sourced all of the photos to compliment the text of the report. The basis of the report was about business leadership in todays mega-trends, the report itself was created by a group of leading Brisbane business women – the Queensland Brolgas.

The final magazine is a 56 page document with double spread pages, front and back cover designs. The content inside was varied from quotes, bios, questions, report findings and research. Each sector was clearly identified and given a chapter number. I really enjoyed the challenge of designing the magazine to suit the report information, and finding ways to display the information in an engaging, yet creative manner. The main colour feature of the magazine was chosen to reflect a feminine emotion, but it’s also the colour of Queensland – Maroon. The typography was divided into two styles, first a structured set to suit the research and informative sectors of the magazine and a secondly casual style set that was used for quotes and questions. Corporate styling at it’s best!

I create, design, illustrate and animate. I have been a designer for over 20 years, and a creative my whole life. My design knowledge comes from my placement within print houses, photography studios, animation companies and television studios throughout Australia. I have a Bachelor Degree of Visual Arts and an Associate Diploma in Commercial Art, and extensive industry experience that simply can’t be taught.