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Electric Bikes Brisbane

Design a logo for Electric Bikes Brisbane – “Performance Electric Bikes, for commuters, family & extreme bikers”. Make it a fun, urban & edgy design that can apply to a wide range of branding materials and assignments.


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Electric Bikes Brisbane

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Back in 2013 my client came to me and asked me to design them a logo for their new bike company, which was originally going to be called “fused bikes”.  The client’s brief was very thorough about what the logo had to convey about their brand, who it was to appeal to, and the extensive scope of use that the branding would apply to. After some preliminary designs were finalised, a last minute change of name to “Electric Bikes Brisbane” was introduced. The final design still held up with the new name… and so the story began.

The scope of the image brand “Electric Bikes Brisbane” had to lend itself not only to the logo design itself, but also to it’s various applications – bike, shop and vehicle signage, promotional marketing materials, print and web advertising and more. I have worked over many years with the client to keep their branding in line with their business philosophy and ideas. I have designed a multitude of products including their social media templates, newsletter, posters, print advertising materials, informative postcards and discount vouchers. I’ve also worked closely with their web designer, Techtago Solutions about graphics and supply to complete their online presence.

I create, design, illustrate and animate. I have been a designer for over 20 years, and a creative my whole life. My design knowledge comes from my placement within print houses, photography studios, animation companies and television studios throughout Australia. I have a Bachelor Degree of Visual Arts and an Associate Diploma in Commercial Art, and extensive industry experience that simply can’t be taught.