The Knot Kninja

Cartoon Logo Design

Knot Kninja

Design a cartoon character for a physiotherapists logo – “Quirky, colourful and fun”.


Cartoon Illustration


Knot Kninja

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Knot Kninja SHOWCASE

I was asked by my client to create a cartoon character to use for their new logo design.The name of the business was the “Knot Kninja”, what a fantastic, creative business name for a physiotherapist! The design was to be a bit quirky, very colourful and fun, and to feature the name of the business, Knot Kninja. I created the ninja character based on my clients actual features, including her favourite birkenstock sandals. The client asked to see of the colours purple and orange were able to be applied during the design process, I love this logo! The pop of yellow works wonderfully with the grey, to help make the logo really stand out.

As well as the logo design I also created double sided business cards for my client, The front holds all the key contact elements of my clients business and the back of the card is used as appointment reminders for her clients. A great marketing solution for forgetful clients. Gift certificates were added to the branding material, along with a stamp design that the client uses on a multitude of paper applications. The Knot Kninja logo lends itself well to fun image branding across multiple formats.


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