To Far Flung-Places

Custom Book Cover

To Far-Flung Places

To create a custom book cover and support the author in sourcing a printer.


Book Cover


Yvonne Evans

Delivery Date:

December 2022


Yvonne approached me to design the cover and supporting images of this wonderful book that follows the historical journey of the Sheffield family throughout Australia. The cover artwork features a representation of the ranges explored in the journey, and also some handwriting extracted from the original diaries of the Sheffield brothers. I was also able to source a suitable printer for Yvonne for the publication of this beautifully crafted book.

Some supporting images I created for the content of the book was a map of the journey’s taken throughout the adventure by the Sheffield Brothers along with a pictorial version the Sheffield Family Tree. Some of the photographs sourced required some image editing and two of these were featured on the cover artwork. Yvonne also wanted a matching bookmark which I also designed to gift family members.


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