Mind Your Body Co.

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Mind Your Body Co.

Design a logo for a physiotherapy business – “Intergrating Brain, Body & Mind”.


Logo Design & Promotional Material


Mind Your Body Co.

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The bold logo design was the first part of my project for this client. It had to be perfect for them. The client had an idea of the message behind the logo and the philosophy of her business, she also had some strong colour preferences. My concept designs were quiet varied for this job, as I was given full creative control of the ideas and eventually, after narrowing down the designs, it all fell into place with this organic logo design. The idea behind this design is based on the tagline “Intergrating brain, body, mind”. The brain is depicted almost as a speech bubble in the design to convey the body’s talk, along with the figurative bodies of motion within. It’s physical, spiritual and smart! I love the final colours chosen and they work exceptionally well on all of the branding materials designed.

The additional marketing designs created for this client compliment the logo design. We launched with business cards, new building signage, digital letterheads, printed pad referral forms, graphics for their website and social media platforms.


Hawthorne, Brisbane, QLD


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Saturday, Sunday


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