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Logo Design

Ms Cakes Brisbane

Design a sophisticated logo featuring a silhouette of a woman holding a decadent cake to for my client’s new business venture – “Ms Cakes Brisbane”. 


Logo Design


Ms Cakes Brisbane

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Ms Cakes Brisbane wanted a sophisticated logo, featuring a silhouette of a female holding a cake. I took inspiration from 1960’s fashion illustrations to design the style of the illustration, and added in a few features for a more personal touch. I felt that a full dark silhouette would be too strong against the feminine style of the logo. My client definitely did not want a Barbie like pony tailed figure, and I just love this sassy lady I created for her. The length of the silhouette lended itself to a portrait shape logo, so the frame was based on an oval, and the finer details were added to make the complete arrangement. The cake had to look decadent in a casually illustration that matched the figure, and Ms Cakes Brisbane does the most exquisite fondant flower work you’ve ever seen, so flowers were also a must. The rich chocolate brown colouring combines well with the pink and creamy tones in the design. Just Delicious!


Hawthorne, Brisbane, QLD


Monday – Friday
9am – 3pm

Saturday, Sunday


Honey Bunny greeting card and art print. Now “Some Bunny” has some bunny to love. Isn’t “Honey Bunny” just a honey … bunny? Get this gorgeous illustration on greeting card or quality art print. A great gift on its own or as framed artwork.

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I create, design, illustrate and animate. I have been a designer for over 20 years, and a creative my whole life. My design knowledge comes from my placement within print houses, photography studios, animation companies and television studios throughout Australia. I have a Bachelor Degree of Visual Arts and an Associate Diploma in Commercial Art, and extensive industry experience that simply can’t be taught.