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Longmire Counselling

Design a symbolic logo that represents the client’s business philosophy – “Creating pathways, inclusive, naturing, circular”.


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Longmire Counselling

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My client Longmire Counselling had a strong idea of the style of logo they were after, it had to be symbolic to represent her business philosophy, and appeal to her target market. It was my job to portrait the qualities required and combine them into one image. The final image of this logo is symbolic, featuring images of a pathway leading forward, people connecting, and the tree of life, all encapsulated within an embracing, abstract circle. The client loved the colour mint and was clear from the start that it was to feature in the final logo design. Finding a complimentary colour to the mint that didn’t distract wasn’t as easy as it seems, but I love the final colour combination I created.

When designing a logo for my clients, I will create full colour and black and white versions along with a reverse colour version, so that the logo can be easily applied to many different types of media. A professional style guide is a guide book custom created full of the visual aspects of your logo design. It’s essential, especially if you are using your logo for many applications or providing your logo to other companies. It details specific requirements about your logo, so that it’s integrity is never compromised.

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I create, design, illustrate and animate. I have been a designer for over 20 years, and a creative my whole life. My design knowledge comes from my placement within print houses, photography studios, animation companies and television studios throughout Australia. I have a Bachelor Degree of Visual Arts and an Associate Diploma in Commercial Art, and extensive industry experience that simply can’t be taught.