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Design logo and image brand for my own design business – “Jacqui Gunn Designs”.


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In 2014 my children were both at school, so I decided to give my freelancing an official makeover, in a chance that it would enable that golden egg combination of work satisfaction and lifestyle flexibility. I required to create a logo and image for my own design business “Jacqui Gunn Designs”, a name that I had allocated to an ABN number many, many moons earlier but decided it would fit. Designing for ones self is challenging! The logo design needed to represent myself and my own creative style – happy, emotional and professional. To showcase this I sketched a digital portrait of myself  to symbolise me, my technological adaptability plus my creativity. I had the figure sitting / playing through the Typography G within the design to represent that fun and happiness. DESIGN MAKES ME HAPPY.

When it came to choosing a main colour for my own logo design, it had to be PINK! After all my own wedding dress was a lovely perfect shade of  blush pink. In this case I went with a bold hot pink, black and white to give my design that stand out image branding that I was after. My design features on all of my own promotional marketing materials from business cards, invoices, emails, website, social media posts, e-newsletters and much more. In fact I have even animated my sketched self diving off the letter G – for an attention Attracting GIF which was placed at the header of my newsletter. I’ve changed her into mediating version for self awareness day, and converted her into a living tree for a Christmas card design. For me design is all about the fun.


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I create, design, illustrate and animate. I have been a designer for over 20 years, and a creative my whole life. My design knowledge comes from my placement within print houses, photography studios, animation companies and television studios throughout Australia. I have a Bachelor Degree of Visual Arts and an Associate Diploma in Commercial Art, and extensive industry experience that simply can’t be taught.